UA_Source is a reverse engineering/reconstruction project started by user Zidane. The goal is to reconstruct the original source code and reimplement certain features using modern, platform-independent technologies that are compatible with modern computers and different operating systems.

Currently, UA_Source is completely playable in single-player mode. Using it instead of the original is already a good way to solve most problems that occur on modern systems.

Important goals


  • Rewrite the game engine, make it portable and moddable
  • Fix helicopter bug
  • Replace D3D/DDraw/DInput/DSound by SDL2/OpenGL/OpenAL
  • Add support for Metropolis Dawn
  • Implement music player (replace CD-based music player)
  • Improve language file support, replace language.dll with text files

Not yet implemented

  • New multiplayer engine
  • Video player
  • Situation analyzer



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